Velamma Episode 84  Complete!- A Touch of Therapy

Velamma Admirer here in this Velamma Episode 84 – A Touch of Therapy. In this comic, we come to see that due to Ramesh unemployment he is seeing therapist. As the title of the comic, suggest touch of therapy, therapist giving a touch of blowjob to velamma in another room. Means he came for Ramesh but giving touch of therapy to our sexy darling Velamma. In this episode you will read that Ramesh is already unemployment due to which they are going though financial crises. To overcome that velamma started sex webcam chat to get some money for household things. Velamma is very frustrated with Ramesh behavior. Therefore, Velamma suggested Ramesh to take this problem to physiatrist or she will pack her bag and leave home. Due to emotional exposition, Ramesh finally ready to meet the physiatrist. But you know our sexy aunty Velamma also have sexual urge so she also fulfilled her needs with therapist.